We will discuss what accounts are set up and whether they carry the same logo/identity across all platforms. We can set up any new accounts that will be beneficial to your company (ie. facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, google+, yelp, foursquare, etc.) We’ll need access to the social accounts we will manage. If passwords are a concern, we can arrange for someone on your staff to type in the log-in information into our tools so we will have access to the accounts. This is a one-time activity. Additional services can be set up as well, such as redesigning a logo and website development or adding services like a blog, that will better help social media be shared, liked, or reposted.


It’s important for you to know the general processes we use to create and curate content for posting, schedule posts, monitor and engage, and create promotional campaigns. We follow the general process outlined below to ensure quality, timeliness, and efficiency of our activities.


We will create and curate content for posting to your social media profiles, making sure that you stay in front of your fans and followers. We will determine the types (categories) of posts such as company promotional, educational, informative, and humor, as well as the schedule and frequency of posts for each social network. Posts are easily created and can be posted immediately or scheduled for a future day/time, across multiple social profiles.


Social monitoring of all profiles is a critical activity because fans require fast response to questions, comments, and complaints. Using our social media monitoring tool(s), we will monitor all social profiles for engagement and respond appropriately. If approvals are required for responses, it may be appropriate for us to acknowledge a fan and then respond later. Engagement activities could include Reply, Comment, Retweet, Follow, Like and other social actions. These are accomplished quickly and efficiently by our team.


We are excited to propose the management of social media Campaigns which tie into your marketing initiatives and fit your goals. An integrated social media campaign is more than just posting promotions for a sale, giveaway, or contest you wish to run. After discussing your upcoming promotions or ideas for campaigns, we can quickly create and schedule social campaigns to augment your marketing promotions or to run standalone on your social networks. We’ll agree on a goal such as the number of entries, reach, or clicks on your posted links, then get moving. Our team will take care of keeping the drumbeat going by scheduling a series of posts, and if there are entries to be collected and winners to be announced we’ll take care of that too.


It’s important that we be able to measure the results of our efforts, and whether you’d like insight into the level of detail we regularly review or prefer weekly/monthly summaries, you can be confident that we strive for results, not just activities.