Cami & Mickey

Cami & Mickey

I had the honor of spending some time photographing this pretty lady and her super lovable and snuggly dog. How can you not love this photogenic couple?! After so much preparation and a window full of sunshine, we stuffed this dog into a suitcase and began to shoot furiously in fear that Mickey would stop cooperating.

The result? Just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen today!

Mickey in a suitcase


Mickey on the floor

It was such a fun experience capturing Cami’s sidekick and their special bond together!

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A New Baby: Stefi & Anca

Stefi & Anca baby


The Curescu family welcomes another addition into their family! A new baby. And she’s perfect.

I had the pleasure of documenting their journey through pregnancy to delivery. Watching their excitement, and partaking in their joy.

Family hospital photo

The kids were super excited as well and wanted to get in on the actions, so we set up a little photoshoot so that the whole family can take a part of!

Clarissa and baby Ezra and baby


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Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend

While many spent the day enjoying wonderful weather and eating bbq, my husband and I spent 12 hours driving back from Phoenixville, PA where we streamed this year’s Romanian East Coast Youth Conference on behalf of CredoTV.  So, we packed up our Kia (fully stocking our back seat with sweets to satisfy a family of 6) and we began the trek toward a state that will finally answer our yearning curiousity of what a true Philly Cheesesteak should really taste like.

So we pull up into a quaint little town with a quaint little hotel just 5 minutes away from the conference center excited for this weekend away from home and exploring downtown Philadelphia.










And after some fun on to what was, I must say, a well organized and smooth conference thanks to the crew from Valley Forge Christian College!